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Saving Our Bees.

Beekeeping in Canterbury.

New Zealand.

"We Care." Because you do.

Our Services

We're a Husband & Wife Team.

Evan A'Court
Apiary Management
Disease Inspector
Hire a Hive
Wasp Control
Hive Wear
Wax Box Dipping
Honey Sales
Christchurch Hobbyist
Bee Club
Vice President
New Beekeepers 
Tutoring & Advice
Raelene A'Court
Apiculture Level 3
Apairy Management
Queen Breeder
Disease  Inspector
Hire a Hive
Wasp Control
Honey Sales
Christchurch Hobbyist Bee Club 
Vice Presidents (Wife)
New Beekeepers
Tutoring & Advice




Mum had a Hire Hive, at her home in Oxford Canterbury.

My son, Marcel became fascinated with the bees.

Evan was working at a job.

Where the owner was a beekeeper.


He showed us his hive in the backyard.

Marcel was keen, to have some bees at home.

Arranged with the hobbyist beekeeper.

To pick some bees up. Once we had a box for them.


Our family where excited.

Our two sons were, about to get some new pets of their own.

To look after and take care of them.


Bees What!!!


We all went out to the Christchurch Hobbyist Bee Club.

One Saturday morning for our first visit.

To learn about keeping bees.

After talking to my mum's beekeeper.


That afternoon, after having such a great time at the club.

We went to pick up our first nuc of bees.


B1 Hive was Marcel's.


B2 Hive was Andr'es. 14yrs old.

After he decided that he wanted a hive of his own too.


They had become beekeepers.

The whole family was excited.

We had started on our journey.


Learning very quickly and doing our AFB Disease Certificates.

We had another 10 hives arrived in September of 2016.

Semi Commercial in only a few months.


We were hooked into beekeeping.

All the family joining in our new adventure.

Working together as a team.


The rest is history.


We found out later that it's in the family.

As some of our members have had bees of their own.

Carrying on the family tradition.

Including a great grandfather, Uncle, and my dad.

Keeping the tradition alive.




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